About CBS IAS Academy:

The CSB IAS Academy is equipped with all the right resources to fuel your journey and escort you to your yearned goal of securing an administrative position in the Central Government. These resources of CSB IAS Academy in Hyderabad, are like the eminent and highly skilled faculty, comprehensive and competent CSB IAS Academy study material covering from the study books to the CSB IAS Academy online test series and everything relevant and boosting in between these two entities, flexibility in CSB IAS Academy batch timings, CSB IAS Academy attractive fee structure, and many more.

The CSB IAS Academy in Hyderabad achieved its fame particularly because of the highly talented faculty, that it harbors. Hence, to begin with the glory of the faculty that CSB IAS Academy enjoys, we would like to tell you that it is graced by as renowned teachers as Bala Latha mam, Vishnu Vardhan sir, Umesh Chandra sir, N Vikas Kondala sir, Ch. Suresh Babu, Mohammad Rizwan sir, Roopesh sir, Sahitya Prakash sir, Aman Soni sir, Mohammad Fazal sir, Laxmaiah mam, Umesh Chandra sir, and many others.

It would be very meaningful to mention a little about Smt. Bala Latha mam, here. It seems that the Goddess of Knowledge, Saraswati, has granted to Smt. Bala Latha mam, the founder of the CSB IAS Academy, such great a penchant for learning that mam blesses the civil services aspirants with her highly knowledgeable lectures in mindboggling 6 spheres of the Civil Services Examinations. She delivers highly revealing and informative lectures on Mentoring, International Relations, Polity, Essays, Ethics, and Modern India. Furthermore, this mainstay of the CSB IAS Academy herself has achieved the lofty heights of respect and awe by topping the UPSC CSE twice. She scored the AIR of 399 in the year 2004, and the AIR of 167, in the year 2016.

Additionally, Bala Latha mam also registered another of her phenomenal achievements of holding the I rank in Political Science in the CSE 2016 with a score of 329 marks. It was because of her streak of mentoring CSE candidates successfully that the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh venerated the founder of the CSB IAS Academy by sharing a dais with her and honoring her.

Finally, the CSB IAS Academy coaches and guides the CSE aspirants in every sphere. Be it Geography, Social Issues, Essays, History, Science and Technology, or Governance, Economy, Bio-Diversity, Ethics, Environment, International Relations or any other sphere, the CSB IAS Academy situated in Gandhinagar, in Hyderabad, undertakes every effort to optimize you through polishing your preparation for the Civil Services Examinations.

Admissions 2019-20

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Hyderabad – Gandhi Nagar

Gandhi Nagar Road,
New Bakaram,
Usyatam Residency,
Gandhi Nagar, Kavadiguda,
Hyderabad, Telangana 500080

Mobile: 040-68888929

Email: csbiasacademy@gmail.com


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