The primary purpose of education is to provide the students a learning environment which brings out the best in them. We believe that every child is endowed with a unique set of attributes and abilities, which need to be nurtured so that they can blossom into ideal personalities. Therefore, every student deserves an education that fosters academic excellence and all-round development, and ensures their well-being. We are inspired by these tenets in everything we do at Ignite IAS.

At Ignite IAS, we provide a learning space that inspires and motivates the students, and encourages them to explore limitless possibilities in their quest for knowledge. Since inception, our overarching goal has been to make Ignite IAS a happy abode, where teaching is a pleasure and learning is a joy; where learning and excelling is a passion, and where ethics and values have a pre-eminent place.

Our caring and committed faculty is our pillar of strength. They put their heart and soul in to teaching and educating the students. They make learning process enjoyable and rewarding, and instill in the students the importance of sound values and deep rooted morals. All our programmes are combined with sports and other co-curricular activities to facilitate students’ holistic education.

Admissions 2019-20


SR Nagar Bus Stop

Nandanavanam Complex,
3rd Floor, Behind SR Nagar Bus Stop
Hyderabad – 500038.

Mobile: +917997992479/80/81



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