Likitha’s IAS academy was established during the year 2015, bearing the register no: in Hyderabad to achieve excellence duly training the young aspirant of civil service exams which is the country’s toughest competitive examinations.
In a dynamic and increasingly inter connected world, Professional development is the sine-que-Non for leadership and successful career in public Service. The capacity to become instruments of change requires intensive curiosity and willingness to explore, depth of knowledge, specific analytical skills and strengths to translate vision in to action.
One of the unique features of our institution is that we will provide the expert and eminent faculty from the reputed DELHI institutions to make aspirant’s dreams in to reality. It is a boom to the students who cannot go and afford to get the coaching at far away mega cities like DELHI and Bangalore etc.
Looking at the balance sheet of the past days by and large, the training and learning canvas at Likitha’s IAS academy designed and structured to provide the students with a road map to effective learning.

Admissions 2019-20


Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad.

Lotus Golden plaza, Ashok nagar, Hyderabad,Beside Ashok Nagar Nala Bridge,Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad, India – 500020

Mobile: 04065120061


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