About National IAS Academy Banglore:

National IAS Academy is established to achieve pre-eminent standard in Civil Services training at Bangalore. In pursuit of this objective, the Institution takes utmost care in design of the coursework, , faculty, study material, teaching methodologies and individual assessment of each aspirant of the academy. National IAS Academy ensures regular evaluation programmer ranging from daily, weekly and module wise tests, individually monitored by the faculty and student mentors of the institutions who mirrors the hallmarks of the academy. The endeavor of the Institution is to ensure that the aspirant is made most productive by separating wheat from chaff and envisages itself in making them future civil servants of the country.


+91 9632334466 
+91 9632334488

Jayanagar, Bengaluru

Lucky Paradise,
2nd floor, 46,
8th F Main Road, 22nd Cross,
3rd, Block, Opp. ICICI bank,
Jayanagar, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560011

Mobile: +91 9632334466
 +91 9632334488

Email: nationalias@gmail.com


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