A huge majority of the IAS aspirants opts for online IAS coaching nowadays for one reason or another. However, when it comes to finalize the choice of the online coaching for IAS, most of the candidates feel themselves to be at a loss. They are highly confused as to what IAS online coaching they should opt for.

The choice should be made in a careful manner. The reasons are several and should not be ignored. The syllabus prescribed by UPSC is highly vast. Moreover, the Civil Services are the most popular career option among the Indian youth. Apart from all that, IAS happens to be the most sought after of the cadres that UPSC offers.

All of these factors make the IAS exam the toughest of the tough with the fiercest of the competitions. Thus, it is obvious that the choice of online IAS coaching in Hyderabad should not be taken lightly.

Though a lot depends on the discretion and the requirements of an IAS aspirant, the tips given below would definitely help you choose the most suitable of the online IAS coaching to crack the IAS exam with great competence:

1. Updated Video classes: It is always advisable to go ahead with the online coaching for IAS that provides you with the latest i.e., the updated video classes. Hence, you would get to attend the same classroom sessions that are being provided to the regular students in the classrooms at IAS coaching in Hyderabad

2. Experienced and eminent faculty: It definitely makes more of sense to opt for online IAS coaching where the faculty teaching online is highly experienced and eminent. The faculty that has a tight group on the subject and also a considerable experience of teaching the same as per the requirements of the UPSC Syllabus is more likely to equip you with the skills required to crack the IAS exam successfully.

3. Various online resources, apart from the videos: Apart from a lecture on a video, it is advisable to explore other resources including the lectures on the YouTube.

4. Sectional tests: Sectional Tests are highly important. They put your skills to test. The better you score, the more confident you feel while you actually face the IAS exam. Besides, you get to know your weak points as well as the strengths and prepare accordingly.

Thus, it is wiser to look for the online IAS coaching that offers the most competent of the Online Sectional Tests. Besides, most of the IAS Online Coaching institutions provide scanned copies of the evaluated tests. The queries and the doubts of the aspirants are also well taken care of.

5. Current Affairs: No sensible IAS aspirant can think of cracking the IAS exam with a poor knowledge of the Current Affairs. Thus, it only makes sense that you choose the Online IAS coaching that provides you with a thoroughly competent knowledge of the current Affairs. Besides, it is better to see to it that the Online IAS Coaching that you opt for also keeps the Current Affairs sections updated as and when required so that your Online preparation for the IAS Exam doe not lag behind the competition.

6. A good team including the non-teaching staff that can offer a good technical as well as customer care support: As you plan to study online rather than getting yourself enrolled in a regular classroom coaching institution, you should make sure that the entire team of the online institution comprises professionals offering a good customer care support. It would help you approach the faculty as the team would be of a great help taking your calls and forwarding your mails as required helping you get the time of the faculty so that all your queries and doubts are answered well.

7. Guidance and mentorship: In case you feel that you need a little more guidance and even mentorship by the faculty members, you should convey the same to the customer care team of the Online IAS Coaching institution. It is highly important to gain an absolutely clear knowledge of all the subjects and topics covered by the syllabus prescribed by UPSC. Thus, it is only logical to opt for the online IAS coaching institution that provides you with the guidance and mentorship as and when required.

8. Constant up gradation as and when required: As almost all are aware that the style and the pattern of the UPSC question paper keeps changing and you are never sure how many of the questions can be asked from a specific topic in the exam, it is best to look for the online IAS coaching that encompasses the changing patterns and styles. The online coaching institution must encompass the changes in the sectional tests, Current Affairs and wherever required.

9 Answer Writing Skills: It should never be forgotten that you are going to face the exam in order to join the Indian Administrative Services. Thus, UPSC is going to assess your skills as a potential administrator chiefly by what you write in the exam. The answers should show an alert, aware, analytical and unprejudiced mind. These are the qualities that make up a good administrator.

And also these are the qualities that UPSC requires in a potential administrator. So, opt for an online IAS coaching that sharpens your answer writing skills and conveys all of your administerial qualities to UPSC by means of the answers that you pen down in the exam.

10. The fee: Most of the online IAS coaching institutions are economically viable as compared with the regular classroom coaching institutions. However, it is best to make sure that the online coaching institution that you opt for does equip you with all the skills required to crack the IAS exam.

The last, but not the least, it is wiser to follow what your mind says after carefully considering all of your requirements before you finally opt for an online IAS coaching institution. There is no point in joining an institution simply because one of your friends did so. Consider all the options and choose carefully. The tips given above would definitely help you do the same.

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