To become an IAS officer is a dream. But what must a person do to reach that coveted position? How should one prepare for the examination? Which is the Best IAS Coaching should you join for your preparation?

In this article, I would be providing you a list of the Best IAS Coaching institutes in Hyderabad.


AKS IAS is an emerging coaching institute for UPSC Civil Service Examination in Hyderabad. They host an amazing panel of teachers and instructors. Over the years, they have proved themselves in the field by providing the results in the examination since their inception.

They provide an integrated degree for the students who wish to start their preparation during their graduation.

They provide training for UPSC, SSC, Group 1 and 2, CLAT examination as well.

Some of the positive aspects I found about the institute were

  1. They provide both online and offline classes
  2. Back up classes are provided for the students who miss their class
  3. Personal mentoring to students
  4. Education is their personal blog for the students

AKS IAS has become the go-to institute for the new age aspirants who want to start their UPSC preparation soon after finishing their Class 12 boards.

AKS IAS is an exceptional coaching centre in Hyderabad for UPSC Civil Service Preparation that provides the students with the best faculty, updated materials and test series on the lines required for UPSC Civil Service Examination.

AKS IAS -4.5/5


Renowned for its coaching for Group 1, group 2 and group 3 exams amongst students, R.C.Reddy is one of the oldest coaching institutes in the state. It hosts noted faculties like Kareem Sir for history and Krupadanam Sir for public administration optional. They also provide a monthly Telugu magazine for current affairs. The downside we found is

1. There are no backup classes in case a student misses any classes

2. No mentorship program

3. The materials provided are not revised regularly. For a UPSC aspirant, it is the updated material, that adds value to his answers.

4. In a scenario where there are probabilities of one not able to go to the institute for the test series, The institute doesn’t provide an online version of the same.

R.C Reddy -3.5/5

3.Brain tree IAS Academy

Brain Tree IAS academy focuses only on civil service examination. It is known as the best for public administration optional classes. The director of the institute Gopala Krishna sir is well known for his articles in Eenadu.

The institute and faculties are both based in Hyderabad. Though I would recommend Brain Tree for students of Public Administration optional, As a student I would look into the below points while considering them for GS full course

1. No online support or test series

2. No backup classes for absentee students.

3. Materials aren’t revised properly and they don’t provide any current affairs magazine.

It boasts good infrastructure with air-conditioned classrooms and post-coaching support to its students.

Braintree IAS academy – 4/5

4.Analog IAS Academy

Another name that often comes up amongst the coaching institutes in Hyderabad is Analog IAS academy. It provides coaching for both UPSC civil service as well as group 1,2,3 examinations. One of the noteworthy point is the mathematical optional classes by Director Sir himself which is considered as the finest in the state by the students.

Individual subjects are handled by various faculties based in Hyderabad and Delhi. A mentorship program by the name ABHYASA has been launched recently by the institute.

It boasts a good R&D team and test series that is available both online and offline. Though materials are provided in the form of PDF from the website, no hard-copy is given to the students. Another thing to be noted is the lack of current affairs magazines and back up classes for absentee students.

Analog IAS academy -4/5


Yet another institute that deals with both UPSC civil service as well as group 1, group 2, group 3, the examination is the CSB institute handled completely by Balalatha Madam. Though there are few supportive faculty, The majority of the classes are taken by one faculty only. Though it has a good infrastructure with air-conditioned classrooms, It does not provide the basic requirement for an aspirant such as

1. Study materials

2. Current affairs magazine

3. Test series

4. Online support.

The membership program though the present is not structured in a proper manner.

CSB – 3/5


Pragnya IAS is one of the big shots amongst the coaching institutes that specializes in the UPSC civil service examination. It is a Bangalore based institute with faculty from both Bangalore and Hyderabad, With each subject handled by a different faculty.

It has an online support system with text series available both online and offline. This institute doesn’t have back up classes for students. As in the case of CSB, Pragnya, also does not provide any study material or current affairs magazine. Lack of mentorship program is another point that is to be taken into consideration.

Pragnya -3.5/5

7.Narayana Civil service Academy

A big name in the field of IIT JEE coaching, they have ventured out into the civil service coaching arena and have been trying to leave a mark in the same. Narayana Civil service Academy provide Nothing for both civil service and Group 1,2,3 examinations, with each subject being dealt with by different faculty who are based in Hyderabad.

Jaya Krishna Sir’s geography class is noteworthy and preferred by many. It boasts one of the finest infrastructures amongst the various institutes in the state. But even with the same, they do not provide any study material kg current affairs magazine which is a downside. They conduct offline test series but there is no mentorship program or post-coaching support.

Narayana IAS academy -3/5



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