OFFICE: OakNorth Bank, Hyderabad, Telangana


OakNorth’s (ON) Credit Intelligence Suite transforms commercial lending by helping banks build deeper relationships with their clients, open new, more profitable opportunities, whilst delivering credit decisions up to ten times faster than traditional models, with lower risk and greater efficiency.

Credit Intelligence is a data-driven technology that gives lenders a forward-looking view of the borrower based on expansive and dynamic data sets and scenarios specific to that business, using automated, continuous analysis of multiple drivers across the business, its peer group and the wider economy. This provides an independent, consistent, detailed framework offering deep contextual insight that enables rapid underwriting, immediate stress-testing and more agile and targeted strategic lending.

Built over five years by an engineering and credit science team of over 250 people, the ON Credit Intelligence Suite has propelled OakNorth Bank in the UK into the top 1% of banks in developed markets in terms of RORE and efficiency, enabling it to profitably manage a multi-billion-dollar commercial lending portfolio – benefits that banks across the world can now realize.

In addition to OakNorth’s own bank in the UK, the software is also being deployed by banks around the world, including: Capital One, Fifth Third, PNC, SMBC, Customers Bank, Old National Bank, Modern Bank, and Lafayette Square in the US, and ABN Amro, NIBC and OIMIO in Europe.

Our investors
OakNorth Holdings (the group which includes OakNorth Bank plc and the various OakNorth software entities around the world) has raised over $1bn from leading investors, including: Clermont Group, Coltrane, EDBI of Singapore, GIC, NIBC, SMBC, Toscafund, and SoftBank’s Vision Fund.

Job Responsibilities: _

  • Experience in deploying Java/Python application on docker, centos.
  • Hands-on experience of AWS services – VPC, ECS, RDS, EC2.
  • Hands-on experience on running application on Docker – Java and python-based application.
  • Experience in configuring and troubleshooting webservers like Nginx, apache/tomcat.
  • Experience of infrastructure and release automation in a continuous integration/continuous delivery framework.
  • Experience in managing and troubleshooting Linux servers and clusters.
  • Experience in scaling of infrastructure and other resources.
  • Managing end to end production environment.
  • Monitoring using CloudWatch, Nagios.
  • Experience with IT systems and automation, especially in the Linux environment.
  • Have exceptional judgement: By the time they say a release is good to go, our infrastructure is ready to ship for a client, it is rock solid.
  • Have good spoken and written communication skills: Not going to disappear or be hard to talk to or work with. Able to work with counterparts at clients to understand their needs and ensure our infrastructure works for them.
  • Be a self-starter: They will be trustworthy in a situation with a high degree of self-management. Will just grind on problems making things better.
  • Be calm in a crisis: If there is an emergency, they step up and deal with it. When things calm down, they make it so that it does not happen again.
  • Be meticulous about planning and organization: Even if the development effort is a little chaotic, infrastructure is rock solid.
  • Be great at the 1 to n: We’ve built a version which works for our first couple of clients. We need the person who will make it work flawlessly for many clients in multiple time zones, etc.
  • Be low drama: Looks to resolve problems, not amplify them.
  • Believe in process: Deep commitment to setting up and automating excellent processes. Will build out an automated alerting machine and then make sure the phone never has to ring.

Desired Skills: –

  • Good knowledge of AWS services and docker.
  • Enough Python and Bash
  • Knowledge of docker orchestration like ECS, Kubernetes and Helm
  • Deep Experience in Linux and strong troubleshooting backing on Linux servers and docker issues.
  • Infrastructure Automation: Ansible, Terraform, Salt Stack, Puppet/Chef, and shell scripting.
  • Strong working experience on AWS
  • Knowledge of management systems such as JIRA, Confluence, Crowd
  • Knowledge of a version control system such as GIT
  • Continuous integration: Jenkins, CircleCI, Bamboo
  • Log collection and monitoring in ELK, Graylog or similar
  • Experience in handling databases – MySQL


Thank you very much for your interest in OakNorth. We are happy to consider you for roles within our group of companies. If we can identify a match between your skill set and our immediate recruiting needs, please expect to hear from us very soon. If we are unable to identify a fit in the near term, please note that we intend to retain the data you send to us so we may contact you in the future.

Job Type: Full-time


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