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Full Job Description

Role Proficiency: Performs tests in strict compliance independently guides other testers and assists test leads


  • Construct test scenarios based on customer user stories or requirements
  • Construct systematic test cases from scenarios for applications based on customer user stories or requirements
  • Execute systematic test cases from scenarios for applications based on customer user stories or requirements
  • Ensure that new or revised components or systems perform to expectation.
  • Ensure meeting of standards; including usability performance reliability or compatibility.
  • Document Test results and report defects
  • Facilitate changes in processes/practices/procedures based on lessons learned from the engagement
  • Develop proficiency of other testers on the project

Measures of Outcomes:

  • Timely completion of all tasks
  • # of requirement/user story ambiguities logged
  • Requirements / User story coverage based on test cases/script
  • # of test cases/script developed in comparison to the benchmarks
  • # of test cases/script executed in comparison to the benchmarks
  • # of valid defects

Outputs Expected: Requirements Management:

  • Participate
    Seek Clarification

Domain relevance:

  • Test feature / component with good understanding of the business problem being addressed for the client
  • Conduct gap analysis between requirement fitment and technology stack
    using technology/domain expertise


  • Reporting the test activities of a small team including multiple testers


  • Estimate time
    effort and resource dependence for work performed

Manage knowledge:

  • Consume

Test Design

  • Identify testable scenarios and create test scenario document
  • Update RTM
  • Obtain sign off on test scenarios
  • Basis (3) above
    identify and create test cases and test data
  • Smoke testing for system readiness check
  • Execute test cases / scripts
  • Identify
    log and track defects
  • Retest
  • Log in productivity data

Skill Examples:

  • Ability to review user story / requirements to identify ambiguities
  • Ability to design test cases / scripts as per user story / requirements
  • Ability to apply techniques to design efficient test cases / script
  • Ability to set up test data and execute tests
  • Ability to identify anomalies and detail them

Knowledge Examples:

  • Knowledge of Methodologies
    • Knowledge of Tools Knowledge of Types of testing Knowledge of Testing Processes Knowledge of Testing Standards

    Additional Comments:? Good experience using Java Selenium (SDET). ? Good experience in writing Java code for test automation. ? Good at SQL queries. ? Good understanding of Agile / Scrum. ? Good knowledge of CICD.

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